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CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider


Designed to be used with the CMMG 10.4″ barrel.

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The CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider

The P90 Style Flash Hider

The CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider is a top-tier firearm accessory engineered to elevate your shooting experience. Designed specifically for the PS90’s 10.4″ barrel, this flash hider not only reduces muzzle flash but also enhances your firearm’s overall appearance.

The Perfect Fit for Your P90

With its M12 x 1 LH threading, the CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider ensures seamless integration with your P90/PS90, providing a precision fit that complements your firearm’s profile. This perfect fit speaks volumes about your commitment to quality and attention to detail.


The CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider is designed to be installed by a qualified gunsmith. Its M12 x 1 LH threading ensures a self-tightening fit during useElevate your shooting experience with the CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider. Designed for P90 Style firearms, this top-tier accessory reduces muzzle flash and enhances your firearm’s aesthetics. Upgrade your P90 today and experience improved performance from Armory of Kings.

Aesthetics that Make a Statement

A Striking Addition to Your Firearm

Beyond its functional benefits, the CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider adds a striking visual touch to your PS90. Its sleek and stylish design is inspired by the OEM flash hider, but with a more premium fit and finish, complementing the firearm’s unique appearance, and making a bold statement at the range or in any shooting environment.

Showcase Your Style

The CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider allows you to showcase your personal style and appreciation for craftsmanship. With this premium accessory, your firearm becomes an extension of your refined taste and dedication to excellence.

Transform Your P90 Today

Elevate your P90 Style firearm’s performance and aesthetics with the CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider. Experience enhanced shooting control, reduced muzzle flash, and a visually striking addition to your firearm. Shop now and embrace the fusion of form and function from Armory of Kings.

In conclusion, the CMMG P90 Style Flash Hider is more than just a flash suppressor; it’s an essential accessory that enhances both performance and aesthetics for your P90 Style firearm. Upgrade today and unlock the true potential of your shooting experience.

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