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FN Five-seveN® Compatible Drum Magazine

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ProMag Five-seveN® compatible 55rd drum magazine. Works with the FN Five-seveN® USG, Five-seveN® MK2 and Five-seveN® MRD/MK3 pistols.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your FN Five-seveN® pistol, the ProMag Five-seveN® compatible 55rd drum magazine might be just what you need. This high-capacity magazine allows for more rounds without having to reload as frequently, making it a popular accessory for shooting enthusiasts.

The ProMag Five-seveN® compatible 55rd drum magazine is made of a durable polymer body and steel feed lip, ensuring reliable feeding of ammunition. The drum magazine can hold up to 55 rounds, significantly more than the standard 20-round magazine that comes with the pistol. This means you can spend more time shooting and less time reloading.

One of the advantages of the ProMag Five-seveN® 55rd drum magazine is that it is compatible with both the Five-seveN® MK2 and the Five-seveN® USG models. The magazine has a lightweight design and a small footprint, making it easy to transport and store. Plus, the clear polymer body allows you to easily see how many rounds you have left, reducing the risk of running out of ammunition unexpectedly.

The ProMag Five-seveN® 55rd drum magazine is a popular accessory for those who enjoy shooting their FN Five-seveN® pistol. It is a great addition for range days, competitions, and other shooting events. Just be sure to check that it is legal to use in your area before purchasing and using it and please follow proper safety precautions when using any firearm accessory..

In conclusion, the ProMag Five-seveN® 55rd drum magazine is a reliable and high-capacity accessory for the FN Five-seveN® pistol. Its durable construction, compatibility with multiple models, and clear body make it a popular choice for shooting enthusiasts. If you’re looking to upgrade your firearm, this might be the accessory for you.

ProMag magazines are designed utilizing both traditional stamping and welding of heat-treated high carbon steel, and modern precision injection molding of mil-spec polymer compounds. Every ProMag magazine is backed by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturers defects. Made in USA
Features :

  • 55-round drum magazine
  • Fits FN Five-seveN USG 5.7x28mm pistol
  • Magazine body constructed of a proprietary DuPont Zytel based polymer
  • Blue steel upper magazine tower
  • Injection molded magazine follower
  • Magazine spring formed from heat treated stainless steel
  • Made in USA

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