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PS90 Extended Charging Handle


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Make charging your PS90 a breeze with Man Kave’s aluminum extended charging handles from FNspecialties.com.

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The Man Kave PS90 Extended Charging Handle allows you to quickly install a larger charging handle for better grip on one or both sides.

PS90 Extended Charging Handle allows you to quickly install an easy upgrade to your PS90 which enables the operator to quickly charge the firearm without the risk of your hand slipping off the smaller factory charging handles. Made from sturdy 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized Mil-A-8625 Type III Black to match the firearm, this PS90 Extended Charging Handle is an inexpensive upgrade that any serious PS90 owner should purchase and install on their firearm. The PS90 Extended Charging Handle gives you the best grip possible even in the harshest of conditions including rain, sleet or snow and especially when while wearing gloves. Purchase two and install one on each side for weak or strong side charging without missing a beat.

The PS90 Extended Charging Handle comes packed with the Charging Handle, a delrin T-shaped spacer to fill the gap that is created when installing the PS90 Extended Charging Handle, and a 3/32 Allen wrench to tighten down the 10-24 SHSS set screw. The extended charging handle fits right over the existing factory charging handle so no permanent modification is required.

The installation takes about 1-2 minutes and all tools required are included in the package with the PS90 Extended Charging Handle. Just slide the new extended charging handle over the factory handle, push in the delrin T spacer with the indent facing up, and use the Allen wrench to lightly tighten down the set screw. That’s it You’re ready to try your new extended charging handle. The extended charging handle should be able to be installed by even a novice by following the steps listed above

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