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G17 Series: Premium Glock® Handguns for Discerning Shooters When Reliability is Paramount

Discover the G17 Series of Glocks at Armory of Kings

Armory of Kings is proud to present the world famous G17 Series of Glock® performance handguns, a collection of premium handguns crafted for discerning shooters seeking unmatched reliability for peace of mind. Each firearm in the series is meticulously designed and built to deliver accuracy, unwavering reliability, and functionality.

Unrivaled Performance for Every Shooting Need

The G17 series of pistols offers top quality performance handguns suitable for a wide range of shooting needs. A full-size pistol chambered in the common 9mm, this versatile Glock® comes both with and without the MOS optic mounting system depending on the end user needs allowing for several different optic mounting options.

Advanced Features for Superior All Around Shooting

Equipped with advanced features such as interchangeable backstraps, enlarged magazine releases, and customizable sights, the G17 provides an edge for precise shooting and comfortable handling.

Trusted by Discerning Shooters Worldwide

The G17 has earned the trust of law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters worldwide. With a legacy of reliability and innovation, these handguns are a preferred choice for professionals and all other types of responsible shooters.

Shop Now for your G17 Series Pistol

If you’re looking for a premium handgun that delivers uncompromising performance, as well as unmatched dependability when need the most, explore the G17 Series at Armory of Kings. Discover a wide selection of handguns designed for just about any shooters need. Shop now!