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PS90 Accessories that make you drool. Want your rifle converted into a short barrel rifle? We have the 10.4″ SBR kit available which replaces the 16″ barrel and shroud with a threaded barrel and adapter which is designed to fit any 1/2 x 28mm suppressor. We also offer the Slingshot 5.7x28mm suppressor, which is one of the smallest, lightest, quietest and least expensive suppressors rated for full auto fire from a PS90. It is a must have upgrade when purchasing the SBR Kit, which lowers the risk of hearing loss when using without ear protection (ear protection is always recommended when possible).

PS90 Accessories available from Armory Of Kings are some of the best and highest quality upgrades available in the entire country for the PS90. The items listed below have all been personally tested and approved. We live by a simple motto: If we wouldn’t put it on our gun we don’t sell it.

The PS90 Accessories we sell on the site have to be the best to make it on the page, so you can be assured that when ordering something from our site, it is the best of the best. Customize your PS90 anyway you want, with hundreds of different configurations available. The new short stroke hammer and magazine release are a must have! Make sure you have extra magazines as well. Enjoy!